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citat Insikter Konst Personligt

Good day Sir, you have a very fine beard!

På lunchen mötte jag en sikh som tilltalade mig med ett stort leende i sitt prydliga skägg under ett par glittrande ögon i ett turbanklätt huvud:

”Good day Sir, you have a very fine beard!”

Han frågade mig om han fick berätta för mig om min framtid, och det fick han. Vi satte oss på en stentrappa vid en port i lite avskiljdhet från den frenetiska lunchtrafiken och han spådde mig, ungefär så här:

”I can see you have a lucky forehead. I am a fortune-teller and I can tell your future. You have not been lucky in your life, but you will be since you have a lucky forehead.

You are very generous and like to help people, but you don’t get any help yourself when you need it.

You have two bad habits. Do you know what they are? You have a bad habit in that you cannot keep a secret. It would be good if you can control this. You have a very good heart and want to help people, but you cannot keep a secret.

You are born in November in the sign of Scorpio and in October you will travel and be happy. So you will move north close to Stockholm? That will be very good for you. In this place Malmö you will not find your luck. Much more lucky where you will travel. You have had no luck in life so you have no riches or money. You have had no help from others.

One bad habit is that you cannot keep a secret. You are very logical and you are working very hard, but you have not found any recognition. You have a bad habit in that you think too much. That is the second bad habit. You think too much. But you can change your bad habits.

I will now tell you how you will be happy in life. There are three things that will make you happy: Health, Love and Travel.

You will live a long life as can be seen in your life-line. You will not die a violent death of any kind, no accident or anything like that, but die very calmly and peacefully. You have a very good heart and you are very kind to other people.

What is your favourite colour? Red? No, it can’t be red. It can’t be red and it can’t be white. Is your motorcycle your favourite colours? What colour is that? Red and White? Is it really? Hahaha! Red is good when you need energy, but you seldom need energy and red can be bad in that it can make you bad-tempered. Green is a good color for you and this stone (hands over a black stone) will be your lucky stone.

Please be kind and give a note of high value to be generous. Please give two since we are two gentlemen. OK, thank you very much, nice meeting you sir.”

En verkligen trevlig gentleman som det var ett nöje att träffa, för ett år och 9 månader sedan. Och förhoppningsvis ett nöje för dig, läsare, att läsa om.